Painting and Decorating Services in Newport

Are you are looking to give a room a fresh look and feel, or maybe you have just moved into a new property? Whether a single room or full house you are looking to get done and you need painting and decorating services contact NW Summers in Newport for a no obligation quote on 01633 211 900 now.

Skirting Boards and Doors Painting

When it comes to applying a finish to skirting boards and doors you have a couple of different finishes to choose from. This usually depends on the type of wood you have fitting in your property. If you have installed a hardwood like mahogany or oak you will probably not want to cover up with paint and go more for a stain or varnish finish to bring out the natural effects of the grain, and if you have installed a soft wood you are mainly looking to paint with a gloss or silk finish giving a clean finish.

Painting Walls and Ceilings

For decorating walls and ceilings you can either paint or wallpaper them. Depending on the condition of the surface you might require to put lining paper on first or even have to have them plastered to ensure a smooth finish.

Most people believe that you can use the same paint for both walls and ceilings but they are different.

Wall Paint

Wall paint is more durable than ceiling paint and comes in a range of colours and finishes to suit just about any design idea you have. You can also get custom colours mixed for you for that unique finish you desire. Choosing the finish of the paint is important and mainly comes down to the function of the room in the property.

Ceiling Paint

This is designed to prevent less splash back, dry quicker and cover up the imperfections with just one coat. It also shows either blue or pink when wet allowing you to see where you have missed areas and turns white when it is dry. Ceiling paint also does not reflect light but disperses helping to hide the imperfections.

NW Summers can help advise the type and finish of paint to use.


The dynamic of wallpapering your home has changed and now you have many to choose from and combine with painting too with feature walls in certain rooms to break up and have different affects.