Wooden Flooring in Newport

There are several different options available for you when looking to install and lay flooring in your home.  You may want to look at solid wood, engineered or laminate flooring depending on the look, feel and cost.  NW Summers prides themselves in offering a professional wooden flooring service no matter what your choice will be. Contact us today for a free quotation for all your wooden flooring needs.

Understanding the different types...

When you are looking to redecorate and the subject of flooring comes up, most homes will have a wooden flooring in at least one room and understanding the different types available is important to knowing what to pick.  There are three main types you can consider;

Solid Wood Flooring 

This is real wood and nothing is added to the construction of it, it is also known as 'hardwood flooring' and comes either pretreated or unfinished giving you options when it comes to the finish you want to apply.  This requires upkeep and treatments to the solid wood flooring to keep it in good condition.

Engineered Wood Flooring

This is mainly made up of 80-90 percent of plywood glued together to make it very strong and durable and finshed off with solid wood on top for the area your walk on. Depending on the thickness of this you can either have it nailed downed or installed as a floating floor on top what is already there.

Laminate Wood Flooring

This is not really wood but is made up from a wood composite and very popular throughout the UK.  It comes in a range of colours to suit any design for any home. Because it is not real wood and has a resin surface it is very durable and rarely would you find it getting dents or scratches. Due to the construction of laminate flooring it is very good for moist areas of the home.

Using NW Summers for your Flooring Needs in Newport

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